Dreams do come true….at least in Rome.

Fontana dei Trevi, Rome, Italy

My first (and only) visit to Rome occurred when I was 16, as part of a one-week class trip. It was at this fountain, the renowned Fontana di Trevi, where I first learned of the fountain’s long standing tradition.

It is said that if you throw a coin in the fountain, and make a wish to return to Rome, then expect your wish to come true. So, I threw my coin in the fountain, and from that day, I have trusted, and believed that one day I would return, because I had made a wish, and wishes come true.

Fun Fact

The word ”Trevi” means “three”, and is said to refer to the junction of three roads on the Piazza dei Cruciferi. The coin toss dates back to the practice by travellers to appease the Gods by tossing a coin in lakes, rivers and fountains to ensure a safe return home. The God represented in the fountain is not Neptune, but the Greek God Oceanus who is usually accompanied by sea-horses which are half men, half equine.

Almost 40 years later, I am setting out to Italy, and on September 7th, I will likely be smiling at the Gods before me, thanking the Universe for allowing me to believe and trust.

PS: The image above is a jigsaw puzzle I just completed on my IPAD. It was in 600 pieces, and it took me nearly 5 hours to complete it. I enjoyed it, as it allowed me to think of my trip, and reflect on all that I will be experiencing.

7 thoughts on “Dreams do come true….at least in Rome.

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  1. Hurray!!! September 7th is finally here (or at least it’s the 7th in Italy)…goditi ogni momento del tuo viaggio. 🙂

  2. Dreams do come true indeed. I am Kelly’s mom (Gerri) and as my life-time motivator suggested I follow your blog as you will be travelling to Italy and possibly can pick up ideas and suggestions from you. Wishing you “Happy Trails” and will be following…….thank you.

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