What Happens in Vegas

I am a big fan of answering when opportunity knocks. Quite by chance we fell upon a short promo/documentary on the Travel channel, of the Red Rock Casino and Resort just outside of the Las Vegas strip. By the end of the 20-minute feature, we had googled the venue and and were making plans to fit it in to our schedule on the way home.

I was not expecting much from Vegas. I knew about the great Casino shows, and how just visiting the strip provided enough entertainment without even playing the slots. Neither one of us ever got into gambling, or playing the machines but, it seemed like there was plenty of other things to do and we always considered it as a possible visit one day. The appeal of the Red Rock resort, overlooking the canyon was enough to persuade us that this might be a good time to visit, so we booked a 2-day lay over in Las Vegas.

To my complete amazement, I came away from Vegas with a firm determination to try and return at least once a year. The fascination started first with the flight over the mountains between California and Nevada. The skies were blue and sunny and as we made our approach into Vegas, we were treated with endless views of the mountains from our small airplane window.

Within 30 minutes from the airport, we were at the hotel. The Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa lives up to its name. Its located in the suburbs of Vegas, away from the strip, and faces the beautiful mountains and the Red Rock Canyon. It is mesmerizing, and peaceful.

The resort offers endless relaxation, heated pools, plenty of restaurants, spa services, and a casino of course. Helpful concierges will help you arrange tickets for shows and sports games, drivers, excursions and more. We spent the first day touring the facilities, and the second day, relaxing. It was the last day of our trip, and we need a bit of a break.

It certainly is ironic to need a break when you are on vacation, but travelling does take its toll and our minds were weary. We had seen a lot, and had started planning to settle in Ottawa upon our return, and we could not take much more in. Relaxation was available in large quantity, which suited us perfectly.

Certainly, I would like to go back, perhaps when its warmer, like spring, or early fall. On the next visit, we will make time for a scenic drive through the canyon, and plan for a helicopter ride over the Canyon and definitely more relaxation and fine dining.

I was surprised to see how close LAX is to the Strip. From the Tarmac you can see some of the famous landmarks such as MGM etc. Las Vegas is spread expansively into the dessert and the Casinos are all hunched together along one strip…hence the name.

What happened to me in Vegas was plain lovestruck. I never expected to have a crush on Vegas, and now, I want to go back and continue the relationship. Who knew….

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  1. Merci Sylvie de nous faire voyager. C’est toujours avec beaucoup de plaisir que je te lis. Tu as une très, très belle plume ! Merci , joyeux Noel a vous deux 🍾🎁🍾🎁

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