Advent Calendar Blog- December 2nd: Baby Its Cold Outside!

How is it that we travelled in the summer and the fall to all these warm places, and then made it back just in time to go through another winter in Ottawa? What is wrong with us? Most Canadians that have the travel bug fly south for the winter, but we seem to do things in reverse.

Maybe its because I find winter spectacular, especially in Central Canada. When dressed warmly, or wrapped in a warm blanket watching it unfold from your window, winter delivers beautiful scenery.

We captured a few memorable landscapes last winter on camera, and it will no doubt be part of our lives again this year, since we have no travel plans to escape the cold. We are determined to journey outdoors more this winter, to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine and we will take along our camera.

I like that we are both inspired by what surrounds us, and that we see the beauty of nature in the winter. Those dried plant stalks against white snow, or misty skies come alive again in photographs. As we sit there, listening to the chirping of birds in an otherwise silent moment, moves us, and reminds us that it is all much bigger than us.

I read recently that Norwegians view winter as something to be enjoyed – not something to be endured. We may not be big winter sports people, however we do like to partake in life around us. Like many Ottawans, we enjoying walking through the winter craft markets, people watching as joggers, skaters, and walkers take advantage of the many pathways in our beautiful city, or just sitting on a bench along the Rideau Canal to catch a few rays of sunshine.

Embrace winter this year! Its your best defence against cabin fever and winter blahs. Added bonus is that the cold temperatures help us think more clearly. There is nothing like a brisk cold walk to clear the cobwebs. That brisk walk will also help you burn more calories, and when we walk, we take care of our bodies and all that fresh air helps us sleep better.

Keep coming back for the next 22 days, to read my updates from the year it has been. There are 24 windows in my Advent Blog and I have a lot more to tell you. So whether you cuddle up and get cozy reading my blog, or watching Netflix, Hayu, Crave or Disney, or whether you take it outside, there is a lot to look forward to this season.. Im sure Canadians can show Norwegians how to rock winter!

Sculpture of Oscar Peterson outside the National Arts Centre with … a toque? Love that someone in Ottawa has this kind of sense of humour!

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  1. When summer babies love winter! Love this blog….a reminder that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…we have a choice to enjoy our 4 seasons. Good hygge a Danish word that is easier to remember than the Norwegian one.
    Marcher à l’air frais, entendre la neige crisper sous nos pieds, voir la nature toute blanche, admirer les étoiles qui brillent davantage en hiver, même se rappeler de prendre son temps lorsqu’on marche ou on déblaie les entrées enneigées, tout devient beau.

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